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Why install a digital antenna? 

Peace of mind: Satellite and cable subscribers who also use an antenna can still tune into local stations during extreme weather—antennas are extremely reliable and rarely lose signal. 

More channels: Depending on location, antennas can often pick up several channels that are not offered on satellite and cable plans. 

Cutting the cord: For those who decide to "cut the cord" and rely on streaming services for their entertainment rather than satellite or cable, antennas provide local channels and public television at no monthly cost. 

How do antennas work? 

In most communities, local TV stations send out signals for free access to nearby residents. These signals are picked up by your antenna, giving you access to free TV! 


Anyone can buy an antenna

and install it themselves, right?


Wrong. Without signal testing equipment, the right antenna, precise placement and proper installation, antenna reception could be disappointing, especially in rural areas like much of Middle Georgia. In addition, to get the most channels and best reception, antennas often must be installed high above ground, requiring the installer to climb onto the roof of a home. That's where we come in—only a professional antenna installer can select and precisely, safely install the correct antenna to ensure years of superior reception. 

Carden's Antenna Service
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